New Blog – have you been missing it?

I was just informed that those of you subscribed to this blog may not have been receiving my posts….which is too bad as there have been some really good ones 🙂

Like the current Blue Jeans Bonanza!

The new blog is – or just go to the site and click on the blog link.  If it does not work for you please let me know (just hit contact button).  I can’t recall if there is an RSS feed but I’m sure there is as it is still a wordpress blog …just through my site and with an easy to remember name :).

Sorry I didn’t notify you all sooner…but I didn’t know this until a couple of minutes ago…and I thought everything was moved over.

Sadly the new blog doesn’t automatically post to facebook….nor are the photos as big.

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If you signed up for an RSS feed of this blog through the new website seems like it is not connected to this one.  I’m waiting to hear back from Sean to see how we can make that work as the old platform (look at me using techy speak ! ) is so old I can’t use it.

Stay tuned!

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On to FibresWest

mar 18 2013 003

Some of the boxes packed up and ready to ship to Fibres West. …the cat stays here with me 🙂  She’s too funny sitting there guarding the boxes till the courier guy gets here.  I won’t be there on Fri myself – Kathy and Rhonda will be running the booth.  I’m planning to be there on Sat…if I can get directions and not get lost!

Now off to dye as few yarns that didn’t make it to the show but that I’ll bring with me.


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new yarns need a name

mar 22 2011 035Any thoughts for names of the pastel series of yarns I will be featuring for Spring and Summer.  Above are only a few that will be available in The Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn, BFL and Island Time Merino.  The word “Patels” tends to make people run (I don’t know why but that seems to be a come reaction).  I’ve thought of “Softies”  or “Seasonal Softies”….need to come with a name soon as the yarn has been waiting for new homes…..and Spring is upon us!




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Site is now live!

Yippee the site is live today!  There are a few more things to do behind the scenes…..please take a moment to have a look …I think you’ll like it 🙂


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Excitement mounting….

Looks like the new website will be going live Monday…stay tuned 🙂


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Not about yarn….about dogs :)

I try to keep on top with the blog but this issue is pressing (actually I have a ton of pressing emails but only post one, once in a while so I don’t scare you all off)….please take a moment to visit this site.  If you are on FB you’ve seen my posting this morning about this woman that will be jailed for doing everything she can to help the dogs of Bulgaria that are treated like trash…and worse.  They need funds to get everything up to code before the deadline (which is looming) …otherwise she goes to jail and the shelter (which spays/neuters and vaccinates) will be closed.  Please read a bit about them…and give what you can.  Maybe take the money you’d spend this month on yarn…and send it to help.

Thanks for you help.

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