You might not know this already….

Usually I don’t like to get too personal on my blog….fibre is safe 🙂  But today I’m going to share something personal.  Maybe there’s a bit of an ulterior motive but not really.   I’m a big fan of the CBC – especially CBC classical radio .  I’ve been listening to it for years – actually decades.  Usually – like right now – it is on while weaving, dyeing or going about the day.  In fact some days (like last night) I find it difficult to even turn it off to go to bed as usually the best music seems to be on throughout the night!

Well when I was young I studied classical piano with an amazing man Mr Swayze.  That was literally decades ago.  Back in the days when a private lesson in your own home was $2.50….my heart aches for that time!  Well since moving out here to BC our little place has been full of looms and yarn.  No basement, garage or other building for the work stuff, so there is room for little else.  Well every so often I long to have a piano again despite the lack of space.  A small apartment-sized piano would be good – I like a real piano – not the electonic ones….my looms are wood, everything is hand powered and …well…I like my piano that way too 🙂  At this time, I’m in one of those moods.  So here comes the ulterior motive (which I didn’t think of till I started to post).  Who knows, maybe someone reading this knows someone near by with a small apartment-sized piano they’d…trade for yarn 🙂 or blankets 🙂  OK it’s unlikely but a girl’s gotta hope eh?

Hope I didn’t scare you away 🙂

ps the piano pictured above is from –  I can’t afford this piano …but it’s a nice photo anyway 🙂

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