OMG Muga Silk is back!!!

Muga silk pictured above in natural undyed state.

Finally…I’ve been waiting months and months to tell you this….the Muga Silk is back!!!!  Woo hoo!!! This silk is a naturally honey-coloured silk that is handpun – with a gorgeous sheen to it and the perfect twist.  I will be dyeing   some up as well as offering the silk in it’s natural undyed state.  The dyed colours have a rich earthy tone to them.

A number of you have enquired as to when the Muga would be back in stock so hopefully you will see this post as my filing system isn’t the greatest :).   If you saw me at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto and gave me your name, please contact me – I was sold out of the Autumn Gold which was most popular and had a shawl sample on display – the Aeolian.  Each skein is approximately 1000yds/sk which I can ball for you if needed.

And as always with the Muga…stock is limited…when it’s out it’s out for a long time 🙂


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