Stone Age weaving anyone?

I don’t talk a lot about weaving on this blog – partly because most everyone subscribed is a knitter – but also because I get a bit too excited when I talk about it 🙂  But today an article came to me that blew my mind a little bit.  “10,000 years of Women’s Work” by Elizabeth Barber documents the 10,000+ year  history of weaving.  Well this article reveals that pottery shards have been found in one of the Pavlov sites in the Czech republic that have an impression of fabric on them – and quite an advanced weaving technique at that.  Pretty darn exciting!  Also interesting is the fact that I’ve been watching Geologic Journey on CBC …timing is everything eh?  Prehistory is being dated further and further back…and so is weaving history 25,000yrs+   – that’s a long time in our genetic memory to be weaving.

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