Great film night!

I took the night off and watched a movie “The Fuel Film” it is amazing! 

At the end of 2009 I decided it was time for me to become more informed re the “real news” – not the mainstream propaganda the government and oil companies put out on CNN, Fox, Global etc  – instead I was looking for news about what is REALLY going on.  SO I read/watched info all year from Brasschek and other alternative (read “real”) news sites.  By last month I was dreading watching all the videos and reading all the info as I was feeling totally depressed and powerless about the state of the world due to the “Oil War”.  The movie was great!  It gave some info that I didn’t know (which was a surprise since I’m pretty well versed about this stuff) and the rest of the movie was hopeful.  I’m so pumped I don’t know if I can sleep tonight!  And perfect timing (for the movie not the no-sleeping) as I decided that this year I need to surround myself with positive information and positive people….and that movie was just perfect!

Oh and I keep forgetting to mention – if you are on facebook pop over and say hi!  cheers

ps didn’t get the new Silken Pleasures photos redone…I watched the movie instead 🙂

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