More free patterns…and sales!

When I posted yesterday I did not realize that Annie of Jumpercablesknitting had a total of 3 patterns with Indigo Moon yarns on her blog.  Click the link to 2 more free patterns.

The Ella Shawl is a free pattern

and the Raspberry Shawl

Both photos were taken by Annie not me 🙂 

Both patterns are free on Jumpercablesknitting’s blog – how wonderful! Thanks so much Annie!  So everyone can try them right away :)- especially you Bro – as I know you like to work with thicker yarns (sorry I didn’t post sooner  – I know you are flying to FL….have a great trip!).  Annie has doubled the strands for quick and easy knitting…and a scrumptiously comfy feel – a much lighter and softer feel than you would get with an Aran wt superwash merino .  So for those of you not quite ready to do a finer gauged shawl with the fingering wt…some great patterns to fall in love with!

The Raspberry colourway has been replaced by Celebration Red and will be on sale for 20%off Boxing Day –   same basic colour with a very rich look to it.

Mention code #blog1226 for the 20% discount.

And I only have 2 skeins left of the Olive Garden colourway.  They will be on sale (enough for 1 shawl) at 25% off…please remember to mention #blog1226 for your Boxing Day discount.


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