My other life

Many of you know me as the hand dyer of Indigo Moon yarns  – but I am also a weaver in my other life  (ok there are a few jobs I do but not all bring in money to pay the bills 🙂 ).  For over 10 years now I have been weaving shawls – in particular meditation shawls and OM blankets.  The meditation shawls are hand woven in the vibrant yet somber tones of my West Coast Musings and some of the softer tones such as Spring Flowers.  Pictured above are the meditation shawls in Divine Purple, West Coast Sunset, Secret Garden Green, Celestial Blue and Autumn Plum. They were designed for both meditation and daily wear.  As knitters have found with the superwash merino, these yarns are soft, supple and comfy…and easy care. 

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your help.  If you are a member of a yoga boutique, or you are attending a yoga or meditation retreat during the next few months, please keep my shawls in mind.  Since most of you receiving my blogs are knitters, you might not be interested in a shawl for yourself…however…if you are able to secure me an account for my shawls I am happy to offer you a commission in either yarn or textiles!  I have a number in mind – and can let you know more about that later.  So whether you are a knitter or someone interested in my “other” work, the commission will work out perfectly.  (And for those of you from the government I do pay tax on any commissions or trades I do ….fyi 🙂 )

It feels good to finally put this out there….and who knows what will happen.  I know that once you wrap yourself in one of my OM blankets or meditation shawls….you’ll fall in love….and if you own a women’s boutique or a yoga studio your clients will too.

Opening myself to the possibilities 🙂  Thank you all for your kindness and support.

Namaste T

ps the Secret Garden Green looks much better in real life than in the photo – it’s a play on many different greens that seem to grey out in the photo.

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