I’m Baaaaack!

The show in Vancouver was a blast – and I have so much to share about it but first….something amazing happened at the show.  After years and years of trying, I finally met up with Laura Fry, production weaver extrodinaire, educator and published author.  When I found out Laura was going to be at Circle Craft, I was determined to meet with her.  I’ve read her blog many times for helpful hints, asked questions and watched some of her videos on Youtube….she really is a very very busy woman!!! 

Near the end of our conversation Laura and I were talking about knitters and weaving.  For months I have wanted to try out the Blue-faced Leicester on my loom….and share my results with all of you knitters.  Well Laura graciously offered to weave up the BFL for me…she is truly an angel!!!!!  Here is a link to Laura’s post http://laurasloom.blogspot.com/  She had the project woven up before I was even fully unpacked!  Unbelieveable!!!!!  

If you haven’t tried the BFL yet this is the perfect chance.  When you buy 2 skeins of Blue-faced Leicester, just mention blog 111711 to get 20% off.  Two skeins are enough to weave up the project mentioned on Laura’s blog.  This offer ends Nov 20th.

Click here to shop


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