More confused than ever!

This afternoon I spent 3 hours at a seminar about promoting one’s online business.  I probably shouldn’t have called this post “more confused than ever” …more appropriately it should be called “more concerned than ever!”.  The good thing is that I understood almost everything that was mentioned…sadly it cost me $10,000 over the years of websites to learn it…very very sad 😦  However, seems I’m starting to understand the tech world a bit more each day  – how I wish I had the education some of the other dyers have in the technology field!  So many of us do great work, but I not all of us are as well-known (ie popular) as others …and I think it is partly due…actually a large part is due to online marketing.   So …over the next few months I need to learn more about this aspect of the business.  I’m a one person operation so each year I try to focus on some other aspect…now I need to focus more online (ok I am still 6 months behind in bookwork and HST is due in a few days!).  As of last week I learned how to upload text and photos to some pages on my site (it’s pretty old so only part of it has that capability)….and the photos…I’m still searching for a photographer…any takers ?

Now to learn about search engines and keywords…makes my eyes glaze over but it is part of being online. ….I so prefer to be weaving or dyeing instead!

Now off to google….something 🙂

Green Goddess in the Exquisite Lace Blend….just had to show something “yarn”.

Have a great day!




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2 Responses to More confused than ever!

  1. Ariane says:

    Online marketing is such a big part of out fibery business that sometimes i spend more time online than knitting!… Sad…

    • indigomoon3 says:

      So glad to know I’m not alone! I wish there was someone that could do all the marketing for me and I could just dye yarn….and knit!!!! Your patterns are so gorgeous – it must be so hard for you to market instead of. Hope your weekend at Mont Tricot went well!

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