To frog or not to frog

I hated to remove the poppy photo from the top of the posts however…..

To frog or not to frog….that is the question.

I’ve loved working with this new yarn, and still love the colour (often I lose interest near the end of a project) – but now have to decide whether to rip it out before I start the end lace border. Since this is my first triangle shawl and I hadn’t knit for a year or so (gasp!) there a a couple of icky yos.  This is going to be a sample to show off the yarn so I’m wondering if I should try again and try to get closer to perfect.  Decisions decisions!

The Ultimate Sock Merino Blend in photo.  Summer Breeze colourway.

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One Response to To frog or not to frog

  1. Sharon says:

    I vote for a frog.
    The fact that YOU see the icky yo’s now is a clear indication that even when washed and blocked, your eye will always go to those icky yo’s. Ask me how I know this.

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