Indigo Moon Designs?

I had to laugh at the title of this post as I was going to call my business Indigo Moon Designs years ago…but I didn’t think I’d ever “design”… hindsight eh?

This summer sure is flying by…seems like I haven’t been able to catch my breath.  The past few days I’ve been in a designing frenzy.  Over the past years I’ve designed a few simple knitting projects – very very basic things – but have never really finished the pieces and posted them so….I figure I better get on that!  I recently noticed very similar patterns to what I’d designed in the past so…this has really given me a push to start talking online.  Of course I now can’t publish those 2 patterns – but that’s ok cause I have 2 others on the drawing board.

I was in a manic state this morning – yarn and needles flying everywhere!….and of course….the colours I need aren’t dyed up!!!! See even a dyer doesn’t always have the colours needed for a project!!!  It is going to be terribly hard to wait until the yarn is ready as I have orders pressing and just can’t drop everything to dye myself yarn…..or I may try different colourways for now.  I was going to start with hot colours Rhapsody and Crimson but maybe I’ll do Mountains and Cran/Raspberry Either way…I hope to have a couple of Indigo Moon patterns on my refurbished website mid-September…. likely the site will be ready before the patterns …now back to the drawing board:).

The yarn shown above are Rhapsody and Madder Red.

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3 Responses to Indigo Moon Designs?

  1. Bro Just says:

    Great idea to knit patterns for your yarns. Why can’t you post the first 2 patterns? Does it mean
    you had to design them? Just post, maybe.

    • indigomoon3 says:

      There are lots of great patterns out there so it’s best for me to only post my own patterns…or a link to them. If you check Ravelry you’ll find tons of patterns for yarn bases similar to mine in the meantime :).

  2. Pica says:

    Such amazing colors…really added some zing to my morning.

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