This sure is a surprise

Well this has been a surprising past couple of weeks.  I just got another order for my handwoven towels!    Last year I made only a dozen or so for the Circle Craft show and it seems that this year…at the same show…so many people came to buy more that I was sold out by the end of the show! (ok there were a few I accidentally left in the box but all the ones I put out went to new homes 🙂 )   I was only able to weave a certain number of them as dyeing yarn has to be the priority….but I’m sure glad I had the dozens I brought with me.  And today a dear friend ordered a slew more for family and friends!  So I’m in a bit of a weaving frenzy now as she’d like them for Xmas gifts.

In a couple of weeks I’ll post what I have available on my website…in case you decide to treat yourself to a bit of luxury for every day 🙂

Now back to the loom!

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