round and round we go


Looking out my front window today...yearning to dye yarn!!!

Looking out my front window today…yearning to dye yarn!!!

Still missing!   Those of you that have visited the website have found only a few skeins of the Island Time worsted wt Merino left are probably wondering what is up.  Well…..seems that my yarn blanks are lost somewhere in BC…. and now I’m told it may be closer.  After many many many calls to UPS over this week (of course you talk to someone overseas that can only email someone here in Canada and then the person in Canada may or may not call you with information)….after days of this and a bit of anger (ok I lost it when talking to Purolator today) I received a home gym set.  Well the delivery person said to me when she arrived…..I don’t think this package is for you….you just don’t seem like the gym set type of person….and she’s right!  SO….even though the skies are clear and the shelves are bare….they’ll be no dyeing today 😦 .

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4 Responses to round and round we go

  1. Barbara says:

    How frustrating to have such a beautiful day and no yarn! What are we “moonies” to do with visions of projects dancing in our heads? I do sympathize, especially with having to deal with the nameless, faceless people who are not problem solvers. Did you keep the gym set to take your pent up energy out on some inanimate object?

  2. deborahdw says:

    Any word on this yet?

    • indigomoon3 says:

      Finally…after a lot more hours on the phone the yarn arrived – the box terribly damaged (yippee to the person that did the great taping job!) and I was able to dye up some Ravishing Red and Divine Purple before the storm hit….hope to get out today and see the pots. Now to prep 300 skeins for dyeing!

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