it’s here!

damaged but here

damaged but here

The yarn finally got here – thanks to whoever did the great taping job! – lots of stress about this and will have to prepare a new strategy for ordering.  The problem is that this little island is considered a remote address and so many people/couriers handle the package  before it gets here….that things get lost…and the price can be up to 30% higher than shipped to Vancouver!  I was able to dye up a few skeins before the snow came …..I’ll post some photos next time.

Now off to tie up 300 skeins of yarn!




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2 Responses to it’s here!

  1. deborahdw says:

    I am excited to see what those 300 skeins become…. Which base did you get?
    I hope your order was intact and nothing fell out of the box

    Maybe you can find someone on the mainland who can accept your order and bring it over to Gabe.

  2. indigomoon3 says:

    it’s the Island Time Worsted Wt Merino.

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