Happy New year!!!!!

shelves filling up

Guess it is about time for me to start posting again…with all the resting and knitting and catching up I’ve been doing I kinda got out of the habit.  I thought about it, and took some photos but seems I was in lazy mode….and still would be if I could 🙂  When I’m running most of the year I forget how nice it is to do nothing.  OK “nothing” for me is working part days  not going away on vacation or anything…in fact I’m still doing much of my normal fare just….at a far more modest and less stressful pace.  And with everyone on vacation at this time…I really take advantage of it :)!

I just took a look at the photos and….well there are tons of things I want to share it’ll be hard not to write a ten page posting!

To start …above is a photo of some tempting goodies on the dye shelf ready for labelling….but alas the label-printing-guy is on vacation too.  so they’ll have to sit on the shelf a while longer before I feature them.

Wishing you all the best in 2013!!!  May all beings – everywhere – have peace!



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2 Responses to Happy New year!!!!!

  1. deborahdw says:

    What is that red on the top shelf?
    And is that celestial blue up there too?
    I don’t need labels, as long as you put a little note on them
    I’ll figure out how much I need

    • indigomoon3 says:

      That is Ravishing Red and yes, Celestial Blue on the second shelf. Both are the fingering wt Merino. Is your stash getting low? 🙂 I can definitely put on a note on them 🙂

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