Will I ever learn?

yellow towels on loom

yellow towels on loom

You’d think after all these years – and so many mistakes – I’d finally learn….but no!  For some reason I have to make a major faux pas (is that the correct word?).  As if I don’t make enough mistakes in life I have to really botch up something on the loom.  I quickly – remember this important word “quickly” – I quickly cut off the last warp of towels – they were blue and on there since before Circle Craft – that’s 2 months – and I was sick of looking at them.  I was sure I stopped and thought it through but no….I missed something….the gravest of errors a weaver can make….I forgot the lease sticks!!!!  Now all you weavers are gasping .  Yep, 500 plus threads and I forgot the lease sticks.  And of course I tried everything possible to save this warp.  It is yellows and greens  – and at this time of year I just soak up any yellow I see around here….and the warp is shorter than I usually make so it was especially dear to me.  After 3 days and many hours I finally had to say good bye to a few yards of this warp and cut it back to a point where I could start sectionally warping again.  So much for trying to save time by tying on to an old warp…oh well.  It was a huge lesson in patience and coming up with an unconventional solution…and hopefully that will be the last huge mistake in fibre for 2013….let’s hope anyway!

Have a great day….oops the power just went out so now to try and thread the loom in the dark!


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