In a yellow mood

merino - daffodil jan 1 2013 046I don’t know if there is any such thing as a “yellow mood” but I know that by January I am in a full-blown craving for my yellows – Buttercup, Sunshine and now Daffodil.   S is knitting a most adoreable yellow cress in Buttercup, and I’m finishing a hat in Sunshine and this wonderful came out of my dyepots recently!  Over the holidays I was playing with dyes – surprise surprise – and came up with this colourway….and of course did not write down the recipe!  Well that has inspired me to do a bit more playing and over the next while I hope to be posting some true OOAKs.  All of my yarns – every single skein – really is a OOAK since I don’t use written formulas but dye like I cook – a pinch here, a spoonful here, a bit more of that….you get the idea.  These other colourways will incorporate so much mixing and playing that I’m not even going to try to write anything down…..just have fun.  And Daffodil is one of those.   I have 5 skeins of the Island Time Merino fingering wt fresh out of the dyepot… can find them here at

Have a nice day!

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