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comfy sweater 2013

comfy sweater 2013

Over the holidays I’ve been busy knitting…and lovin’ it!  Since I’m a beginner/basic knitter and need this sweater …NOW! ….I’ve decided to throw something together as I couldn’t find a pattern basic enough a – and with the gauge I wanted – to be my “at home comfy sweater”.  The colourway is Inspiration  – this has been in my stash for a few years – and the yarn is a DK wt organic Merino Wool that I adore…and is no longer available :(.  I can still get an organic Merino but not from this particular company.  Everyone seems to prefer the superwash Merino and Organic Merino doesn’t come in superwash.  If it did, I’d absolutely carry it but….it doesn’t.  When I carried this yarn a few years ago I dyed it up in light colourways  – yellows, pinks, blues and greens.  Amazing how fast time has passed since then…..anyway….I’m so looking forward to having a comfy sweater ….hopefully I’ll have it done before it gets too warm!

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