when the power’s out

dried beans grown in 2012

dried beans grown in 2012

There’s always a gizzillion things to do around here so when the power is out I have a “to do list”  and shucking beans is on that list.  In 2012 I only had room for these 5 dry soup beans – and of course I failed to properly label them when they were planted :}  From the top clockwise is Nez Pierce,  Ruckle White and….I have no clue of the other three …one may be Jacob’s Cattle Bean but I’m not 100% sure.  Regardless they taste great – and it’s so hard not to eat them all but save enough for seed stock.  Ideally 3 years of seed stock should be saved but I usually just do 2 and hope that Mother Nature will smile on me with a crop each summer.  If you haven’t grown your own beans before you absolutely must try it – it’s almost as easy as growing garlic!  And the taste….the ones you buy in the store don’t even taste remotely like these!  I could eat these 2-3 times a day – they are easy to digest and each has a distinct flavour all it’s own….you just gotta try’em!

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