I’d like to show you a photo of the new Saracen shawl by Lynette in Wild Berries BFL…but I don’t have a photo yet. Hope this “reblogging” works 🙂

Le Tissier Designs

Knitters are fascinated by Curves and Circles.

Curves and Circles are not natural to the knitting grid, which creates shapes by rows of stitches and lines of stitches.  Kaffe Fassett is still fascinated by circular shapes in knitting.  His “dots” or “Poppies” patterns are all from his desire to create circles out of a square grid.  Dorothy Reade, a lace designer, wanted to create circular lace shapes.  To read more about Dorothy Reade check out Successful Lace Knitting by Donna Druchunas.  Circles and Curves do not come naturally to knitting.

Saracen, my new shawl pattern, has curves.  Lots of them, curved edge, curved shape and then many, many curved cables along each edge.

It is shaped like a Crescent Moon, a shallow Bay or the Blade of a Saracen Warrior.  I could have named  it the Crescent Shawl, or Sunrise Bay, but I chose Saracen.  Why?  Both edges of the shawl are finished with reversible…

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  1. It worked just fine! Thanks for the sharing.

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