And what is that I see?

bfl-orange spice jan 16 2013 007

For those who were wondering what that new yarn was on the BFL shelf….this is Orange Spice – a rich combination of dark pumpkin and cloves…..I love it!  In fact, I kinda dyed it for myself as my angel knitter offered to knit a shawl up just for me (will it be ready in time for my b-day?).  You’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about it….and eventually see it at one of the shows this year. (And yes I’ll take a photo of it for those of you not able to attend 🙂 )

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2 Responses to And what is that I see?

  1. Barbara says:

    How beautiful! I think it is my favourite of the favourites you have been tempting us with. It will make a beautiful shawl. I am currently knitting a shawl called Autumn Bloom in the worsted weight of IMY in a colour called Midnight Song. It has a nice hand and will soon be done. I will post a picture of it for you to see.

    • indigomoon3 says:

      Thanks so much! I really like this colourway for me …I think it will make a lovely shawl. I look forward to seeing your Autumn Bloom shawl….thanks for mentioning it :)..

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