Pretty sock pattern ….and it’s free!

Primrose socks – free pattern

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Merino Sock shelves filling up….

wildberries 003

I’m slowly getting the shelves filled up in The Ultimate Sock Yarn.  “Slowly” is THE word here since I am suffering from frozen shoulder again!  The right is a bit better than the left but the lack of shoulder range before a show …well it’s never a good thing….and especially now.  So I’m getting there, just slower than normal :).

And the Wild Berries colourway is back in stock and ready for your needles :).


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Another great video

When Jerry came to Gabe I wasn’t able to make his talk.  This video at is a video of one of his talks on wireless.  He is so easy to understand – not too technical for me.  I feel so empowered having spent the time watching it.  As many of you may know, I am very sensitive to wireless so this hits really close to home.   When I’m away in the “big city” (Vancouver)  my health deteriorates throughout the time away….part of why I live on a small island :).  It usually takes me a good week to feel “myself” again.  Last year at Circle Craft I became so sick that I could barely see straight.  Those of you that saw me near the end probably noticed I was a really off.  Anyway, hope you learn lots and enjoy this video as much as I did.

Happy viewing!



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Time for a laugh

A friend just emailed this to me…and if you knows cats, this is perfect!


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I need everyone’s help focussing…..

Sean my webguy has promised me over this month that the new site will go live Feb 28th 2013 so I need your help.  Could you all please visualize this happening.  I had planned to have the new site go live last Sept and well….it’s taken a lot longer than expected.   I’ve been pretty stressed about it to say the least so….I’m hoping if we all focus that S will get the last tweaks done on the site so we can go live!   And for those of you preferring to shop by Paypal, the option will be on this site…and lots of other great features.  So let’s focus…..

Thanks for your help!

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Rav Red or Wild Berries

jan 16 2013 003jan 16 2013 022

Is it just me – and my screen – or is it impossible to tell the difference between these two colours.  I’ve downloaded an editing program but I won’t know how to use it till I find a tutor and…..well to me these look the same.  One is Ravishing Red and one is Wild Berries…..on your screen can you see the difference?

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Did you get your newsletter today?

If not, and you’d like me to send one, please post in the comment section and I’ll send you one.



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